Design of The Year — Stanford University — 30 International Design Awards — Audi — Super Rare
Revealing the essence, breath, and taste of invisible substances that animate reality.
"I aspire to know of what is the basement for the objective world that lies behind the ghosts of humanity’s conscious concepts. I put my efforts to find the exact shape, taste, touch of that substances which animate reality. I question if this World could be objective after all. I raise my art against modern dominance of rationalism, against racism of objectivity, toward liberty of being non-measured, non-discovered, not-studied, not-rated, not-compared, not-classified, against totality of delusion that phenomena of Life and Human can be explained. I state that it is sealed secrets.”
Biological storm of wild expressionism that comes from deep senses of LIFE and LOVE.
I do art illustrations and develop creative concepts for brands. During 12 years in the profession I worked in three countries and gained more than 30 prestigious design awards, including Design of the Year IDA (USA), Gold A’Design Award (Italy), Audi Best Practice, James Dyson Award and others. I’m a participant of design and art exhibitions in the USA, UK, Italy, Russia (including The Russian State Museum).

I worked with clients such as Audi and Stanford University, GenIII Oil Corporation and others. I led my own lecture series along with being invited speaker at renowned American and Canadian universities (Emily Carr University, Simon Fraser university, Louisiana State University). I hold my patent and produce design objects for brands and under my own label. Some of them gained viral popularity. Each of my design objects manifests creative concept: Sweater for people with Flaming hearts, Blanket for lovemaking, Mittens to like offline reality, Swimsuit that protects from drowning, 3d Digital sculpture-paintings as icons of LOVE.

    top international design and art awards

    world-wide clients commisions, collabs and launching own projects

    multi-and-cross-disciplinary aproach

    of business experience
Selected awards
  • Product Design of the Year, IDA (2018) International Design Award, USA
  • Gold, IDA (2018) International Design Award, USA, Industrial And Life Science Design/Safety Designs
  • Gold, IDA (2018) International Design Award, USA, Outdoor and exercise Equipment, Leisure
  • Golden Prize, A-Design Award, Italy (2016).
  • Silver Prize, A-Design Award, Italy (2016).
  • Audi Best Practice Gallery Award, Russia (twice, 2013).
  • Design & Design International Award, 18 works awarded, France (2009 - 2014).
  • 1st Prize, Design Debut Competition, International Design School, Russia (2009).
  • 1st Prize, Space and Future of Humanity, Russian Space Agency Roscosmos, EU (2011).
  • 2nd Prize, James Dyson Award for inventors, National Winner, Great Britain/Russia (2012).
Selected publications
  • A'Design Book of the Year, Como, Italy, 2015-2016
  • Ciappesoni, A. Top Design, Book of the Year, Milan House, 2015.
  • Praquin, M., The Design and Design, Book of the Year, Volume 3, 5 Index Books, 2009-2011.
  • Praquin, M., The Design and Design, Book of the Year, Volume 6, 7 Index Books, 2012-2014.
  • Gimenez, M. European Product Design, Monsa Editor, 2013.
  •, Technology, "Uslon Concept Swimwear" 2016
  • European Product Design, Barcelona, Spain, 2013
  • Interior Magazine, New York, USA, Sept. 2011
  • "Gaze" on Magazine43 Cover / July 22, 2020
  • Marie Claire, Italia, 2013
  • Design for Today,Milan, Italy, 2013
  • Interview: IDA Design Award, 2020
  • DPI Magazine, Taiwan, oct. 2010
  • Interview: Sobaka Ru, 2022
  • Inventors Digest, VOL. 32, issue 7
  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, Canada - invited speaker for Professional Development lecture series.
  • Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA - "Salt of Design", course of six lectures, International Cultural Center, 2015
  • Simon Fraser University, lecture and public talk on Art in the series, Philosophers' Café
  • "Loop Lamp", Independent Broadcast Channel, Moscow, Russia
  • "Science Art Performance for Audi Centre", team performance, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
  • "Design: Fantastic Life of Creator", Personal Lecture, Saint-Petersburg
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