Design of The Year — Stanford University — 30 International Design Awards — Audi — Super Rare
series of artistic interpretations of scientific images for stanford university.
Client: Stanford University, Department of Biology.

Work in this series was selected for the 2020 conference poster of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.Biology department. Scientific images credits - Laboratory of Dr. Jacobs-Wagner, Stanford University. Credits: Katerina Semenko (art), ennifer Heinritz in the Jacobs-Wagner lab (original micrograph).

Metabolism as an ecstatic whirlpool meets a joy of the spectator exultant sight, the first one who reveals sealed secrets of the living Cell / Artistic interpretations for research on cellular replication, done by means of bacteria cultures reveals the tremendous inner beauty of live systems.

Metabolism of living cell as an ecstatic whirlpool of LIFE on its micro level.
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