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Uslon Life-saving swimwear
Uslon Life-saving swimwear
idea & engineering - Valery Graznov
design & visualization - Katerina Semenko

Swimwear with Numerous Air Capsules Guarding against Drowning.

Every year thousands people drown in water when they swim! Each of them would remain alive if he wore a life-vest. But nobody bathes in it. A life-vest serves for other purposes – to rescue people when ships are wrecked. It is very bulky and its buoyancy (about 15 kg) is too big.
But every person when he swims is dressed in a bathing suit. It can be his saving device! The matter is that when the person takes a breath, it becomes unsinkable. The specific weight of his body at this moment is 0.96 – 0.98. But when the person does an exhalation, the specific weight of his body will increase 1.03 – 1.05. If he doesn't make the next breath, he will drown. If the body of the adult receives 2-3 kg of additional buoyancy, he will never drown.
It can achieve if to place dozen of rubber tubes on a bathing suit belt. Besides, additional air can be placed in bubbles between two layers of polyethylene.

~ Man never has to drown!

Uslon Swimwear with Numerous Air Capsules Guarding against Drowning.
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